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Enhanced Foster Care

Offering quality fostering to children,
young people and families

Welcome to EFC!

Enhanced Foster Care is an established Independent Fostering Agency in the South of England providing quality and unrivalled foster placements for children and young people aged 0 to 18 years who are unable to live at home either in the short term or those children that require forever homes.

We believe that foster carers are a vital part of the team providing quality homes for all children. We also specialise in offering placements to children and young people who have complex needs and
 may experience difficulties, that impact in how they manage their lives and their feelings. As a team, we work therapeutically with children and young people to achieve the best possible outcomes. This provides foster carers a unique opportunity to be a genuine member of a multidisciplinary team around each child.

If you are equally passionate about helping young people or an already approved Foster Carer who wants to make a difference and belong to an agency with passionate beliefs, values and vision, we will offer you an unrivalled package of support to ensure children and young people prosper in our foster agency.

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News & Events

Following our recent successful series of open days during March we will be repeating our recruitment open days soon.

Please contact us for a chat if you are thinking of transferring to another agency

Who we are

It is our belief that all children and young people have a right to live in a family environment, with a sense of security, stimulation, access to opportunities, and the scope to develop autonomy and self-belief. Making our belief a reality, Enhanced Foster Care ensures this through:

The provision of safe and progressive family placements, supported by qualified Social Worker/Managers with the dedication, commitment and experience to facilitate and generate change in the lives of children and young people.

We aim to be flexible and responsive in meeting the needs of children and young people and the requirements of Local Authorities. Our approach combines a therapeutic parenting approach through direct work with children and young people, within an inclusive fee.

Enhanced Foster Care is committed to equality and values diversity and social justice. This includes a respect and appreciation for gender, ethnic origin, cultural background, religion and language of all fostered children, their families and our Foster Carers. Children and young people have full programmes of support and inclusion aimed to integrate them in their community.

Our Team

Our experience has informed us that working together is the only way forward to bring about positive change in the lives of children and young people. Our approach encourages a sense of togetherness which includes the child, their family, the foster family, together with the placing authority, external agencies and our team.

Children, young people, families and foster carers benefit from the support of a highly experienced, qualified and skilled, multi-disciplinary team. Our strengths within our quality organisation lies in the fact that the practitioners who created the ethos and philosophy, remain centrally placed to ensure that core values remain in place.

Enhanced Foster Care are proud to have a dedicated team of social workers sharing the vision in aiming for excellence in outcomes for children and young people, for foster carers working within the team and families involved with Enhanced Foster Care.

Enhanced Foster Care is supported by a Clinical Team, which provides experience across many disciplines. Our team includes a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, a Clinical Psychologist and a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist. Independent Practitioners offering specialisms across many disciplines and Social Workers join the professional support to children, young people and families within Enhanced Foster Care. The Clinical Team are involved in Specialist Placements, Parent & Child Assessments and those circumstances where Independent Assessment is appropriate.

Questions & Answers

Below are answers to some questions that we normally get asked. If you have questions that aren't answered by any of these, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Who can apply to become a Foster Carer?

At Enhanced Foster Care we are always looking for some particular qualities in our Foster Carers and in particular we welcome applicants who are confident, nurturing, professional, and resilient and possess a good sense of humour! We welcome enquiries from single people, couples, gay or lesbian, men and/or woman; in fact we welcome anyone who can offer a child or young person a fresh start alongside hope, opportunity, safety and security. We regards our carers as an essential part of the professional team supporting children and families and as such believe that fostering should be the only job held for the lead foster carer.

Will I receive any training before I begin fostering?

Everybody involved with Enhanced Foster Care is encouraged to attend training to further expand their personal skills. As a Foster Carer you will be expected to attend the Skills to Foster Course prior to being approved as a Foster Carer and their are courses that you have to attend to make sure you have the right information to best support you, any child and your own family. Enhanced Foster Care has an exciting and extensive training programme including a modular training course for Therapeutic Parenting and Parent and Child Assessment Placements. Also we encourage all of our carers to request training they themselves feel would benefit them.

Do I need to have any special qualifications to foster?

No, none are necessary although previous child care experience is desirable whether it be as a parent or working alongside children and young people in some capacity. It is more important to us that you strongly believe you have something to offer a child, young person or family undergoing assessment. Essentially, if you haven't any experience with children you need to think about why you think you will be a good Foster Carer and what experiences you have which could help to convince us. We will train you to do your job and ensure that you feel supported in your role as foster carer.

Do I need to be under/over a certain age to become a Foster Carer?

Enhanced Foster Care believes that life experience is the most crucial factor and therefore it's unusual for us to recruit anyone under the age of twenty four. We've worked with some highly skilled Foster Carers of all ages and it's about a person's personality and character more than their age. If you have the drive and enthusiasm Enhanced Foster Care would be delighted to hear from you.

Would previous convictions prevent me from fostering?

No but some convictions do prevent you from being a foster carer. If you can discuss this with us right at the start we can give you the correct information and the best advice. 

What we do

We recognise that each child/young person's story is very different and their needs are diverse. In responding to that, Enhanced Foster Care is in a position to offer a range of placements tailored to meet the needs of each individual child and young person and those responsible for placing children.

Mainstream Fostering

Specialist Fostering


We recognise that at times children and young people may find themselves in a period of crisis or unexpected circumstances. Emergency Foster Carers offer a responsive service that manages the crisis, sets the immediate goals and plans for change within an initial period.

Enhanced Therapeutic

Our model and philosophy of therapeutic foster care focuses on addressing the many difficulties that children and young people experience including attachment problems, low self esteem, self harm, eating disorders and trauma. As a team we offer a psychological therapeutic service that aims to support children and young people who experience mental health, psychological difficulties or display challenging behaviour. Our team offer a psychological therapeutic service that enhance the well being of children and young people and ultimately lead to attitude, behavioural change and positive outcomes.

Short term

At times some children require a stable base which will allow them to settle to enable plans to be made for the longer-term future. Short-term placements are task-centred and provide purpose and direction in the foster care provided. Short-term Foster Carers provide the most appropriate base on which assessments can occur, or can act as a 'bridge' from one placement to the identified appropriate placement.

Parent & Child Assessment

Foster Carers offering parent and child placements are specially trained in meeting both the parent's and the child's needs. They also provide the opportunity for observational assessment, which at times is Court-directed, and identifies the long-term plans for the parent and child.

Long Term

We also recognise that many children require longer term homes. Our long-term Foster Carers offer a lasting commitment to the children placed with them which can amount to several years and prevents the cycle of disruptive placements. Long-term Foster Carers play a pivotal role in planning and executing the plan for the child placed with them.

Sexually Harmful Behaviour

Working with young people who display sexually harmful behaviour (SHB) is an area that Enhanced Foster Care has extensive experience. Through robust clinical assessment and a therapeutic intervention programmes children and young people are guided to develop an understanding of the various components of their difficulties, and then assisted through the process of change and supported in identifying and preaparing for challenges that may be posed in the future.

Respite or Occasional

Equally some children only require occasional foster care to support them in holiday times or over weekends. Our respite carers work alongside the child's family to offer occasional support, or alternatively respite carers offer support to established foster families with foster children placed.

Step Down

We believe, that where possible, every child should live within a family. Our experienced team enables children and young people, that may otherwise need to live in residential care, the opportunity to remain within a nurturing family environment. Our close working relationship with a residential children's home enable us to identify children that can move back into foster care early and ensure a methodical and planned transition ensuring there is no interruption to their therapeutic and clinical service from the team. 

Preperation for Independent Living

We recognise that growing up can be a daunting task for any teenager. The transition to adulthood is especially difficult for those young people whose natural home life has been disrupted. We provide specifically trained Foster Carers who provide support to young people going through this transition and support them beyond their move from foster care.

Salary & Support

Free professional training alongside 24 hour support every day of the year.

  • Competitively  paid
  • A dedicated Social Worker ensuring supervision at least every month.
  • Team of Placement and Family Support Workers available to provide support
  • Group Supervision from a Clinical Psychologist or Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist for all foster carers
  • Opportunity for Individual consultation with a member of the Clinical Team for Enhanced and Therapeutic foster carers
  • Specialist Therapeutic input as required.
  • Comprehensive training programme
  • 2 weeks paid holiday for all Foster Carers.
  • Monthly Support groups for all Foster Carers.
  • Membership of Fostering Network
  • Social Events
  • Support to other fostering family members 
  • Access to a member of the team 24 hours per day
  • Day care for when a child is out of school


We recognise that comprehensive and accessible training are essential for successful and safe fostering. Enhanced Foster Care believes in the ethos that Foster Carers know what training they need to provide the best outcomes for children and young people and how to access this training. We offer group based training, on-line training and 1:1 sessions that accommodate the demands placed on foster families. These are just some of the courses that are available to Foster Carers FREE;

  • Skills to Foster training.
  • Training, Support and Development Standards - modular programme through workshops attendance
  • Child protection and safeguarding and safe care training
  • Equality and diversity training.
  • First Aid qualification and Health & Safety
  • Managing challenging and difficult behaviour.
  • Attachment awareness 

  • Child development.
  • Dealing with bereavement, separation and loss.
  • Self Harm
  • Anti-Bullying.
  • Internet safety and prevention of exploitation.
  • Working with Sexually Harmful Behaviour
  • Parent and Child Assessment Training

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